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When Genghis Khan, a tribal wanderer, arose from the anonymity of Mongolia, he took the Silk Road southwards to deliver his wrath to the world. Simultaneously, along the coastline of Asia, the Silk Route knitted together the entire region in a triangular web of numerous marine routes — extending from Java in the far East to the coast of Africa in the Southwest Wilson, Likewise, the Silk Road also facilitated the distribution of the wickedness of its era.

In addition, trade to Central and Western Asia as well as Europe recovered for a period of time from under the Yuan Dynasty when the Mongols controlled China.

A Route and Planning Guide. Asian posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. Deriving its name from the then rare and highly in-demand commodity, silk, the Silk Road was established roughly years ago, and comprised of both land and marine routes, spanning more than miles, across the known world at the time Vadime, The Silk Road The Silk Road Centuries prior to the Internet, much earlier than the steam engine, and well before the arrival of the airplane, there still existed a way to connect the world.

In fact, Buddhism spread from India to China because of trade along the Silk Route, similar to the way Islam spread along routes in medieval West Africa.

Silk proved to be an expensive import for the Roman Empire since its trade across Indian and Central Asia was heavily controlled by the Parthian Empire. Highways of Culture and Commerce. Originally, the Chinese trade silk internally, within the empire.

Asian research paper The Silk Road essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. Not surprisingly, while the original and functional utility of Silk Road has diminished over time, thanks to the modern and efficient means of worldwide exchange like the airplane and the Internet, the timeless esteem the world holds for this historic road remains ceaseless.

While the Chinese silk trade played a minor role in the Chinese economy, it did increase the number of foreign merchants present in China under the Han Dynasty, exposing both the Chinese and visitors to their country to different cultures and religions.

And above all, it helped the spread of knowledge to humankind as it brought the pen, the paper and even the printer to the world.

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It enabled the exchange of human values: In essence, the Silk Road efficiently and effectively connected the entire known world. While the Chinese did maintain a silk-fur trade with the Russians north of the original Silk Route, by the end of the fourteenth century, trade and travel along the road had decreased.

Free essays on History: Primarily a carrier of silk from China to the world, and of rare goods from the world to China, the Silk Road, with time, emerged to become the most significant and only conduit of all goods the world could have exchanged — and even the evils.

Trade in silk grew under the Han Dynasty in the first and second centuries. It revived tremendously under the Sung Dynasty in the eleventh and twelfth centuries when China became largely dependent on its silk trade. Asian, use the professional writing service offered by our company.

It aided civilizations in learning from other civilizations. It introduced the world to Marco Polo and his stories. Because of this idea, the Silk Road was born.

The Silk Road

Northwestern Indians who lived near the Ganges River played prominent roles as middlemen in the China-Mediterranean silk trade because as early as the third century AD, they understood that silk was a lucrative product of the Chinese Empire.

It promoted human values, culture, art, economy, diplomacy, technology and peace, to help shape the modern, prosperous, free and open world.

It ushered in an unprecedented era of progress and prosperity for human civilization. Asian term papers Disclaimer: Yet, the human quest for the righteousness of the world based on the cherished principle of mutual co-existence far outweighed and outpaced the evils of those times.

From ancient China towards the West, the Silk Road snaked through the high valleys of the Tibetan plateau and over the roof of the world — the Himalayan mountain ranges. As a result, the Han Dynasty extended its military defenses further into Central Asia from to 90 BC in order to protect these caravans.

The Silk Road, connected civilization to civilizations, human A research paper on silk humans, trader to traders, artist to artists, soldier to soldiers, and kings to the kings.

The trading relationship between the Chinese and the Indians grew stronger with increased Han expansion into Central Asia. It brought relative food security to regions short of rations.

The Chinese would trade their silk with the Indians for precious stones and metals such as jade, gold, and silver, and the Indians would trade the silk with the Roman Empire. The Chinese traded silk for medicines, perfumes, and slaves in addition to precious stones.

As overland trade became increasingly dangerous, and overseas trade became more popular, trade along the Silk Road declined. Passing through the expansive plains of the Indian subcontinent, it ran across the deserts of Arabia to reach the Mediterranean Sea, and onwards to Europe via the sea.

The Silk Road, the trading path between East and West was the artery which contributed to cultural and monetary exchange between civilizations.Trade On The Silk Road History Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: In order to have a good and comprehensive understanding of the international trade along the Silk Road, this paper will explain the trades in details mainly from the aspects of the traders, merchandises, their means of transport and the most important the trade routes.

Textiles-Silk Instructor: Textiles-Silk Silk is a naturally occurring protein fibre with some forms which are woven into textiles. The silk protein fibre is mainly composed of fibroin which is produced by insect larvae forming cocoons. Great collection of paper writing guides and free samples.

Ask our experts to get writing help. Writing a Research Paper. Writing a General Research Paper; Writing a Capstone Project Deriving its name from the then rare and highly in-demand commodity, silk, the Silk Road was established roughly years ago, and.

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Silk is a fabric that is used throughout the entire the world. It is a very elegant fabric that many people prize to have. The silk fabric can trace its origins back years in China. It has a very interesting myth related to it but for all that can be said it may also be the truth.

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