Analysis of 7 elevens strategic business and

But Indonesia had some typical traits not found in other markets. It also has live entertainment and wireless connectivity So, when 7-Eleven entered the Indonesian market inthe question was: Overall brand equity 7-Eleven is generally perceived as the market leader by consumers in the convenience store sector.

This is a significant threat to 7-Eleven over time, as they would not have the low cost structure required to compete effectively on a price basis with a major retail chain, such as Walmart for example. This is because it removes some element of direct control of the day-to-day operation of each outlet and passes it to the franchisee.

Exclusive product offerings 7-Eleven has managed to form some strong relationships with key manufacturers that have strong brands. In7-Eleven began expanding beyond US borders and set up shop in Canada. Franchised model Many of the 7-Eleven stores throughout the world are franchised.

People in all facets of our global organization discover opportunities with room to move around, try on new roles and discover untapped talents. For example, they could partner with a coffee chain or a sandwich chain and set up a co-branded store — where both stores operate independently but out of the same location.

He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife Lee and their three children. Specifically, NEC realized a robust framework that supported the store management of each franchisee: This is supported by the philosophy of "Retailer Initiative". As a consequence of these higher costs, 7-Eleven will be required to have higher price offerings in order to protect their margins.

To achieve this customer orientation and competitive advantage, almost all stores arfe operated by franchisees, who understand the local environment. All kinds of people with one focus: The size and design of 7-Eleven stores needed to implement its strategy also deters expansion in every corner of the country.

But it began to grow at breakneck pace after it adopted a franchisee model the following year. Franchisees Although the overall franchised model is a strength as indicated above, running a large team of franchisees throughout the world is also a weakness. While this can also be a weakness, it also provides a strength of stability of income as a downturn in one particular country is unlikely to impact their overall financial results to a significant extent.

As its strategic partner, NEC is providing the latest store solutions in every possible way. A turnkey business model, world-class training, ongoing corporate support and special financing programs are available to increase the success rates of our Franchisees.

Initially, 7-Eleven spread its wings slowly. For example, customers in Hong Kong can pay their phone and utility bills at a local 7-Eleven; in Taiwan, they can service their bicycles or photocopy at the convenience store; and in the US they can pick-up their online Amazon shopping there.

The Southeast Asian country was an ideal market for a retailer. But in Indonesia,7-Eleven has been positioned as a trendy spot where young people spend time, surf the Internet and meet friends. Co-branding locations 7-Eleven could expand their geographic coverage through co-branded outlets with other significant retail offerings.

Such remarkable result was achieved by adapting the concept of Retailer Initiative supported by highly sophisticated IT and network technologies in order to adjust to the specific conditions and situations of each region. This means increasing the number of stores they have in existing markets and cities and increasing the number of countries that they operate in.

And that business extends beyond our stores into the communities where our customers, employees and Franchisees live, work and play. Even the most successful global retailers - Carrefour, Metro and Wal-Mart - have had their share of failures. He lives in Dallas, Texas, has traveled to 30 countries and loves learning about new languages and cultures.

Stout joined the company in as Operations Planning Manager. Currently, 7-Eleven is stressing to globally expand its business activities, spanning the US, Japan and China, through to various countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Central America and Europe. Diversity of income Because the overall chain of 7-Eleven operates in multiple countries, the parent company has essentially diversified its income streams across multiple markets.

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Write to btcasestudies intoday. We are committed to developing experiences of the future by bringing our stores to our customers wherever they are and whenever they need us. InReynolds assumed the additional role of Chief Administrative Officer.

In its early years, it grew strategically in suburbs in the United States and areas too small for a supermarket:This SWOT example for 7-Eleven convenience stores is designed to help you understand and structure a SWOT is ideal for university assignments or as a template for a business exercise.

7-Eleven Inc.

Analysis of 7-Eleven's Strategic Business and Information Systems Needs Essay

is one of the leading chains in the convenience/ retail industry. 7-Eleven was founded in in Dallas, Texas. It is the world’s largest mover and expanded faster then any of the convenience store.

Sample Business Plan up. 7 Eleven. Seven-Eleven Japan Company_SCM. BA Ministop Case Study. It also resulted in a 30% increase in profits for the converted 7-Elevens. Documents Similar To 7 11 Stores CASE STUDY.

JAPAN SCM. Uploaded by. Rick Lee. 7 Eleven Group4. Uploaded by. Ryan Andrian. OM Project.5/5(15). Convenience store behemoth 7-Eleven recently announced a strategic initiative to make its c-store offerings even more convenient to customers.

In July, 7-Eleven announced it had partnered with. Currently, 7-Eleven is stressing to globally expand its business activities, spanning the US, Japan and China, through to various countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Central America and Europe. As its strategic partner, NEC is providing the latest store solutions in every possible way.

Senior Vice President of International and Strategic Planning. Previously, Tanco was as an Executive Vice-President and led 7‑Eleven’s International business that included the company’s global portfolio of more than 30, licensed, franchised and joint-venture stores operating in 18 countries.

Analysis of 7 elevens strategic business and
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