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Besides acting, it presents us excellent camera work, songs and dances, exciting and romantic love scenes, and heavenly natural scenery of distant places.

This paper intent to: Women also stared acting in films. However, there are some kinds of film, which do more harm than good.

A light-hearted person would like a comedy film. Thus, the film-makers should undertake film-making as a social responsibility and use their sense of direction.

During the formation of classical Hollywood cinema, many of… Advantages and Disadvantages of Cinemas The cinema attracts large numbers of people everyday.

Essay on Indian Cinema

Nowadays these incidents have become the part of day. Cinema is a source of entertainment, knowledge and employment. Cinema has also given birth too many crimes in the society. So the people are made to dislike these evils.

If we feel tired, we can go to a cinema house and see a film. Social awareness on issues like dowry, women education, abortion, girl feticide, youth unrest, corruption, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy etc. It appeals not only to the film-crazy Indian public but also has enchanted a large number of audiences the world over.

It is a medium of instruction as well as recreation. Cinematic expression provides the viewer with a special kind of experience unlike that evoked by any other art form.

It sometimes attracts even those who do not wish to see a film. They go to movies simply to enjoy themselves or to escape from their own lives for an hour or two.

The films are certified by the Central Board of Film Certification. Films meant for children are also produced every year. However, very recently it appears that the trend is reversed with more and more people now going to cinema halls.

Eyesight, too, is affected and money is squandered recklessly.

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There have been two streams of cinema in India—one is the commercial cinema which has the sole aim of entertaining and making money in return. Corrupt the public morals and have an exciting effect on the young.

Cinema has an educative value too. Moreover, it is that means of entertainment which every class and section of society can afford at their will and convenience. There is sex and sex everywhere in the film polluting the whole environment of our society.

Moreover, Hollywood— a part of Los Angeles— got the title as the film capital of the world, but up today no such place that dominates the industry. All work and no play, makes life dull and boring.

In science, films served as research tools. In this age of science, the modern man has devised various machines to amuse and entertain himself.Cinema is a film i.e a story etc. recorded as set of moving pictures to be shown on screen of a theatre house and television. It is a channel of expression and communication.

The cinemas one of the most important inventions of modern science. It was invented by Dison, An American scientist. It is a medium of instruction as well as recreation.

Writing sample of essay on a given topic "Cinema Is Good Or Bad?". Nothing is so popular nowadays like cinema. People easily miss meals but they hardly miss the premier show o a film in which their favourite hero or heroine is acting.

It has greatly influenced the youths of our country and there is no exaggeration if say that they have become prey to it in a way.

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Cinema has both the aspects. It is good as well as bad. The cinema occupies a very important place in modern life. In every large city, there are several cinema houses, while even the smallest town can boast of one or two. Mobile cinema houses now reach even the remote villages.

In Cinema Paradiso, the screened films (Toto and others watch in the theater) create a pastiche--Hollywood classics, Italian and Art films, popular comedies and so on.

Cinema exercises a great influence upon the popular mind. A popular movie, when shown in the T.V., can be as large crowd-puller. There are many young men and women to whom the screen hero or heroine appears no less than a .

At the cinema essay
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