Ben franklin a founding father of

In science he studied and made discoveries in the area of electricity, cooling, meteorology, printing, and the wave theory of light. Franklin, although a talented writer, took a back seat in drafting the document, blaming his lack of participation on poor health.

Over time, his commentary, and his adroit cultivation of a positive image as an industrious and intellectual young man, earned him a great deal of social respect.

Benjamin Franklin

Although the Stamp Act was repealed inadditional regulatory measures followed, leading to ever-increasing anti-British sentiment and eventual armed uprising by the American colonists. Franklin also coined a number of electricity-related terms, including battery, charge and conductor.

The memorial plaque on the wall at St. Ben ran away when he was 17, breaking his apprenticeship with his brother. The meeting was brief and involved tying up outstanding legal matters. Franklin also organized the Pennsylvania militia, raised funds to build a city hospital and spearheaded a program to pave and light city streets.

This led to his invention of the lighting rod, which helps to keep buildings safe from lighting. At age 17, Franklin ran away from his apprenticeship to Philadelphia, where he found work as a printer.

Franklin used his connections and his diplomatic skills to convince the French that Adams and Jay had acted out of lack of propriety, not hostility. They had two children together. He also built up an unofficial yet active spy network. More than years after his death, Franklin remains one of the most celebrated figures in U.

William Franklin

Legacy and honors[ edit ]. Nor did he ever properly edit or collate the chance medley of stale items that passed for news in the Gazette. This was the birth of the Library Company of Philadelphia: He pardoned women sentenced to jail for adultery during his fourteen-year term.

Their son, Francis Folger Franklinwas born in October and died of smallpox in In his will, he left money to Boston and Philadelphia, which was later used to establish a trade school and a science museum and fund scholarships and other community projects.

His father was a candle maker. Ironically, Benjamin Franklin was a senior negotiator for the revolutionary Americans in Paris when the Asgill Affair occurred.

Inat age 12, he was apprenticed to his older brother James, a Boston printer.

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This work led to the field becoming widely known. Rodgers shortly avoided his debts and prosecution by fleeing to Barbados with her dowryleaving her behind. He was one of the five members that drafted the Declaration of Independence.

Franklin proved an able governor; avoiding quarrels with the assembly, he put forth effort to bring about popular reforms, such as the improvement of roads and construction of bridges. Franklin advised Harvard University in its acquisition of new electrical laboratory apparatus after the complete loss of its original collection, in a fire which destroyed the original Harvard Hall in Exile[ edit ] The Surrender at Yorktown in October dimmed British hopes for victory, and inWilliam Franklin departed for Britain, never to return.

While Thomas Jefferson was the main author, Ben did make some changes and had an influence on the final draft. But thought he would submit it to his friends for their amendments. He became Grand Master inindicating his rapid rise to prominence in Pennsylvania.Nov 09,  · Watch video · Did you know?

Benjamin Franklin is the only founding father to have signed all four of the key documents establishing the U.S.: the Declaration of Independence (), the Treaty of Alliance with. Watch video · Find out more about Founding Father Benjamin Franklin‘s role in the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution, as well as his scientific discoveries, inventions and institutions he Born: Jan 17, This list of 10 reasons why Benjamin Franklin is the best founding father illustrates why the expert statesman and revolutionary publisher was instrumental.

This list of 10 reasons why Benjamin Franklin is the best founding father illustrates why the expert statesman and revolutionary publisher was instrumental. About. About IVN. The Founding Fathers, US Constitution, Constitution Amendments, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Articles Of Confederation.

6 Reasons Why Benjamin Franklin is the Best Founding Father

Madison was the last Founding Father to die at the age of eighty-five in June, His Politics: Of the Founding Fathers, Franklin was easily the most unusual character. He made enough money. Benjamin Franklin was a modern day Renaissance Man. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Ben Franklin excelled in many areas including science, inventing, politics, writing, music, and diplomacy.

He is one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and is often called the "First American". Find great deals on eBay for ben franklin founding father.

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Ben franklin a founding father of
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