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For example, what is the relationship between the old man and the woman, why the old woman bet with the old man a long time ago and why it is her that took the old man here? Sir Basil seems so distracted by the whole affair that the narrator feels quite embarrassed for him and hopes to leave as soon as possible.

Still, they check her alibi, and, finding it satisfactory, they begin to search the house for the murder weapon, which may provide clues to the identity of the murderer. Maloney begs them, as friends deserving hospitality, to eat the meal she cannot bear to eat now, they hesitate but finally agree.

Yet his glimpse of her hand on the table provides the final ironic twist. All the while the narrator ponders the chilling efficiency with which the older man performs the task. In this part reader will got suspense.

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Therefore, seeing that how exciting the story is, I will absolutely recommend it to my friends to make them experience such a wonderful and frightening journey as well.

Next, the story displays the dark side of the old man by describing his obsession with betting. Just as Annie claims that Roald Dahl is inspired and experienced in writing from the other side compared to everyman and thus, has a good understanding of the art of story. At first the effect of the new food seems favorable, for the baby begins to eat eagerly and to sleep peacefully between feedings.

When he opens his eyes, however, the ax appears still upraised, and the lady seems only gurgling with hysteria. In his efforts to reassure her, he makes a still more startling revelation.

Six months pregnant, Mrs. Their beautiful new baby is the result of his desperate attempt.

Book report of Man from the South Essay

From the article, it can be drawn that good side of humanity can eventually defeat the dark side, though it would take a lot of sacrifices and time. Once in the house, however, he perceives that something is wrong, and he prides himself on his heightened sensitivity, the result of having spent much time in the homes of others.

To her horror, she finds his appearance much altered. Soon later, a young naval cadet with his girlfriend, who have been swimming in the pool, join us. In conclusion, Man from the South, which is outstanding in plot construction, description and coherent writing, is worth reading for a thousand times.

On the other hand, the other characters, including the young cadet, his girlfriend, I and the old woman are on the side of good nature. The almost stereotyped situation of spending the weekend in a great house where mischief seems imminent gives succeeding events the quality of a gothic burlesque.

His neck has nearly disappeared, and tufts of stiff black body hair point upward to his head. Only a thumb and finger remain on the claw-shaped hand, a grotesque suggestion of what she has won and lost from her husband.

The climactic scene occurs when Basil and the narrator reach the anxious pair. On the other hand there is also suspense on this story when the boy start to turn on the lighter and count the times.

For the first time in months the anxious wife looks closely at her husband.The Man from St. Petersburg In the book The Man from St.

Petersburg the author Ken Follet, describes the struggles and adversity a Russian anarchist is forced to deal with in.

His most famous works include “Lamb to the Slaughter,” “Royal Jelly,” “Man from the South,” “The Landlady,” and “Neck.” In situations which include both domestic life and high adventure, Dahl creates suspense and humor of a highly sophisticated nature.

Book Reports Essays. 5, Book Reports Free Papers: 4, - 4, Go to Page. The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells Book Report. The Invisible Man is the story of a young black man whose name the reader never learns.

He is a young man from the South who is haunted by his grandfather's deathbed warning against conforming to the wishes of white. HOME Free Essays Book Report on Farewell to Manzanar. Book Report on Farewell to Manzanar Essay.

B. Pages: We will write a custom essay sample on Book Report on Farewell to Manzanar specifically for you for only $ $/page. Book report of Man from the South. These 5 characters are: The Narrator, The Man from the South’s Wife, The American Boy, The English girl and Carlos (the Man from the South).

The main character is Carlos or The Man from the South. Carlos is a crazy man who bets cars for other people’s fingers. Apr 17,  · Short story analysis Man from the south A bet is about how long the boy can light his lighter.

if the boy can light the lighter ten times in a row, the man will give him a cadillac (a brand of American car) but if the boy can’t do that the man will cut boy’s little finger.

Book report of man from the south essay
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