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This is another reason why it is so important to maintain a safe learning environment, free of objects that could potentially Compentecy goal 2 a choking hazard and toxic materials, for children of all ages. I could also plan outdoor nature walks and field trips that would allow them to exercise and also learn at the same time.

In order to advance physical and intellectual competence, you can do several things. I then let the child return to their classmates, but not in the same place were they had previously gotten themselves into trouble. The third thing I will use is communication which is a important thing because you will never know how the child feels if you have no commuication.

The first one is physical. I could promote exploration by having them go on a treasure hunt for a couple things. I will support and in courage but never force children who are fearful of physical activity. To support creativity in infants activities like beating a drum allow the child to create their own sounds and rhythms.

The children will have the chance to aquire and Compentecy goal 2 verbal and nonverbal means of communicating thoughts and feelings.

At Bulldog Preschool we have different kinds of Compentecy goal 2 equipments from slides to tunnels. The first thing is providing a variety of equipment for activites and such. Cognitive development, occurs as children learn to think, understand, reason, and use language.

At Bulldog Preschool we have a big space for the children to play at in the center of the room. Candidate makes decisions based on knowledge of researched-based early childhood practices, promotes high-quality child care services, and takes advantage of opportunities to improve knowledge and competence, both for personal and professional growth and for the benefit of children and families.

If they can not answer, I give them the reason and have them repeated back to me. To support social and emotional development and to provide positive guidance. I like for the children and parents to find me approachable and comfortable to talk to.

With toddler, creativity can be learned through pretend play and dress up. They are there, more or less, for a paycheck and a social group. Early relationships with parents and caregivers lay the foundation on which social competency and peer relationships are built.

Sensitivity to palpable stimulus is continually gained throughout infancy, and by early childhood, children gain incredible amounts of knowledge through this sense. I will advance in physical and intellectual competence by using the following areas physical, cognitive, communication, and creativity.

Candidate provides a safe environment to prevent and reduce injuries. Communication means that you should always use positive words and never talk negative around the children.

Learning to identify common and uncommon odors, as well as deciphering preferences, is the most important aspects of the sense of smell. Their sense of hearing, which was developed even before birth, helps them to become skilled in understanding language and using that understanding to communicate with others.

Some examples, When I helped at Bulldog Preschool we always would ask questions for the children to burst their curisoity. Activities that encourage the child to pretend they are doing a real life experience can help them in exploring different options in the way the activity is done.

Having continuity of care in a child care center is a feature that high-quality programs possess. I will also plan for and support childrens changing needs for active play, quiet activity and rest. Personally, I am still on the search for a center or school that meets my standards.

Then they will be able to understand the meanings of words. Through gross and fine motor developmental skill building, young children are primarily using their senses, of touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste, to start making sense of the world around them and giving meaning to the information being obtained.Jan 15,  · How will you advance physical and intellectual competence to meet Competency Goal 2?

Competency Goal 2 -Says To advance physical and intellectual competence. Your activities should be addressed by Functional Areas and they should look like/5(1).

Competency Statements: Goal #2 Goal 2: To advance physical and intellectual competence I believe young children learn best through physical movement and interaction with their environment, therefore, they must be provided with endless hands-on and movement opportunities and experiences.

Another thing to focus on in order to achieve this goal is to provide training. I must offer staff the opportunities to complete training even if it is done outside of the facility. Such trainings include classes offered at a local college. Hiring high qualified workers will help maintain professionalism.

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Functional area 2: Healthy My goal in the functional 2 area of healthy is to maintain a healthy environment for the children. I also will make sure that I demonstrate. Competency Goal 2. To advance physical and intellectual competence.

Functional Area 1: Physical One of my goals of the functional area of physical is to have activities planned that will challenge the physical level of the students to advance their physical ability.

Playing organized games outside with the whole class is something that could be.

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Compentecy goal 2
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