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Therefore these idlers are never short of material for discussion. Being immature and inexperienced about the demands of life they may put to a great loss in their life at a later stage after having lost valuable time as students. The people who not like these elections to be given such a huge dimension have based their views on the fact that several times these elections have turned ugly with incidents of violence.

Even our former president and eminent scientist Dr. Economic development of all the sections of the society should be the aim of politicians. Many people believe that experience matters the most in decisions regarding national issues. Our political freedom must create conditions not only for better life but also for peace.

He also prescribed that country should concern with the morals of her leaders. Some people oppose this cult while others hail it. The youth today are not interested in actively participating in the political field.

Heavy police deployment at times is unable to stop them because the police hesitate to use force against the tender-aged students. Many idlers gather there and make various kinds of strategies and plans.

Youth in Indian politics

They can adopt, modify and change their ideas according to the demands of the circumstances. They should come forward in support of public-welfare schemes such as food for all, house for all, education for all, etc. Some idlers also join the election campaign to get some name and fame and also some money.

Youth in Indian Politics

There is canvassing campaign among the students presenting the qualities and plans of the respective candidates. This virus of political parties, promoting the kith and kin of aged politicians in elections, is epidemic, having a universal effect on all parties — left, right and centre.

Short Essay on Indian Politics and Politicians

The more is the percentage of voters out of the total population of the country, the stronger is the base of the democracy because the mandate given in the elections would have a popular sport. They are not considered experienced and knowledgeable enough to understand the complex world of politics.

Another fear was that the politics is dominated by middle-aged and old people. If we break with our culture no progress is made in the society.Mobile Youth Trends India Report The Mobile Youth Trends India Report Table of Contents Published May The Mobile Youth Trends India Report provides marketing and product managers and overview of both the quantitative and qualitative state of.

Role Of Youth In Politics. Our world is in the crucial time wherein people are called upon to be involved and act on the chaotic forces at hand which is why the youth plays a. With population over a billion people, Republic India is the worlds largest Democracy.

And for all obvious reasons it is a cumbersome task to govern a Country like India. Importance of Youth in Indian politics. In50% of the Indian population was aged 30 years or younger; however, only 35 out of Lok Sabha members (6%) were aged under Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, and Democratic Youth Federation of India.

Youth and politics in india essay as the main topic of universities essay with research format paper. If after, seven decades essay in and youth politics india of the commons at work. Words Essay on Youth and Politics in India.

Article shared by. India is the biggest democracy in the world. The real power lies in the hands of the people who elect the people who rule the country.

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Essay on the Role of Youth in Politics in Hindi ; Words Essay on Nuclear Safety and Security. Words Essay on Importance of.

Essay youth politics india
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