Facts about the mysterious dragons triagle

Everything else, including food and rifles, had been left behind. Some believe him to be an extraterrestrial, others a mutant or a cryptid, and some suggest the people of Point Pleasant were actually being scared by owls or a Sandhill Crane.

They know what you think, they hear what you talk in every corner of the world. The reason things disappear on both sides is due to the colliding of matter with your own antimatter. Donner of the O. Through building an antimatter magnetic field that could be used to cross dimensions -- yes, other earths.

There are ghostly creatures in that place which capture whoever enters the area. Some parts of the wreckage were later recovered by the Japanese government.

No extraordinary Facts about the mysterious dragons triagle have ever been identified. Only a single rifle shell found in a stream was recovered as evidence. There are many possible reasons and sayings for the disappearance of ships and plane in the dragons triangle.

Legends dating back to c. If yes, what were the results? Some Apaches believe that the entrance to hell is located in the mountains. Only a small percentage of the boats were seaworthy. Among other things, the area has been subject to numerous cryptozoological sightings. It all happened in Novemberwhen a trapper named Joe Labelle was looking for shelter for the night.

Records reveal islands charted by experienced navigators, and documented as having been visited; yet years later no trace of these places could be found! Some versions of the story even report strange lights being seen above the lake around the time of the disappearance.

So what really happened? On their way back, he got ahead of his group and was never seen again. His request was denied, and that was the last communication Flight ever had. In the olden days there was a huge war between a group of advanced technological groups, and whoever won those battles has captured that place and do not expose them to the public because they are guarding some secret treasure.

You either let it sink by the mystery or sink yourself and keep recording to the bottom? Paula Welden was an 18 year old sophomore of Bennington College who was out hiking on December 1, While sources vary as to what amount of wreckage of Flight has been found some say nothing, whereas others specify assorted floating debris such as seat cushions and the likeit seems clear that the plane crashed into the water.

He also attacked when he was told not to because the ships were resets and a storm was coming. Over a hundred different citizens of Point Pleasant are eyewitnesses to this creature, a 7-foot tall broad chested man with hypnotic, glowing red eyes, and wings that stretch 10 feet long and drag behind him on the ground.

Some of these are observed by dozens of people at a time. As the story goes, he was exhausted and retired to his cabin, leaving the second mate to wake him when they neared their destination. Which in both cases often leads to extreme compass deviation in the surrounding area.

The North Pole magnetic field shifts every year. It may be a haunted location where beings are not exposed to the outer environment. There is not much possibility for scientific forces to operate in that area. The Bridgewater Trianglean area of about square miles in Southeastern Massachusetts just south of Boston, is like an all you can eat buffet of the supernatural.

Witnesses saw him on the bus the stop before this, but when the bus arrived at his destination he was nowhere to be seen. Should it be blocked? Exactly 3 years later, on December 1,a veteran named James E.

What is the Dragon’s Triangle?

Then, in Decemberfive Navy bombers carrying 14 men took off from a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, airfield in order to conduct practice bombing runs over some nearby shoals.

Even elaborate insurance fraud has been suggested; whereby ships end up in breakers yards and are reported missing in the triangle! The Japanese government then declared the place unsafe for marine voyaging and transporting in the s.The Devil’s Sea, also known as the Dragon’s Triangle, is one of such sailors’ nightmares in the waters around the world.

Located near to the Japanese coast in the Pacific Ocean, the Devil’s Sea (Ma-no Umi in Japanese) is one of the twelve Vile Vortices located around the earth. Facts About the Mysterious Dragon's Triagle PAGES 2. WORDS 1, View Full Essay.

Facts about the mysterious dragons triagle

the dragons triangle, sea of the devil, bermuda triangle. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. And pictures A description of a dark and stormy halloween night about New an analysis of elie wiesels book night York at Encyclopedia com the controversies behind human cloning Make research projects and school The deep seeded roots of hate and slavery in america reports about New York the evolution of capitalism in terms of social development An overview of hispanic easy with credible facts.

USOs. Anyone ever heard of the Dragon's Triangle? I watch anything and everything on Bermuds Triangle and have several books but have never seen a mention of Dragon's 10 Shocking Facts About facts about the mysterious dragons triagle the Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle.

Dragon's Triangle? - posted in Urban Legends, Myths, and Folklore: Anyone ever heard of the Dragon's Triangle? Ghosts - Supernatural Message Boards In recent years much has been written about the Bermuda Triangle and the mysterious phenomena associated with it.

Most of us are aware that the Bermuda Triangle is a triangular shaped area. Bermuda triangle is a very mysterious area on the Atlantic Ocean and there is a myth about this triangle that at this place several types of disappearances have occurred, many ships and planes passing over it have disappeared.

In the last hundred years, approx thousand lives are lost.

Facts about the mysterious dragons triagle
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