General election in india essay

Universal Adult Suffrage or general or common suffrage can be referred to as right to vote to adult citizens. An electorate of over million, in the biggest democracy in the world, voted for Congress government at the Centre and in eleven States.

In the Assembly elections the three all-India parties other than the Congress viz. A presiding officer with his two assistants come to the polling station for a day or so to conduct the election work.

Elections: The Formation of A Country

How nervous they feel, then! Essay on General Election in India. A polling booth is equipped with stamp-stick, stamp-pad and light on a table inside.

We should always keep in mind while voting if the candidate we are voting for really deserves to get voted and is really eligible to become our leader. His electoral ideas and campaigning ways have capitalized social networking and captured audiences online for supporting his ideology and actions. Coalition building in India has tended to follow a set sequence: Almost the same level of achievement was recorded by the party in Madras, Mysore, Punjab and Rajasthan, the respective tallies being out ofout ofout of and out of seats.

Mentally challenged persons, the persons on whom Criminal Charges, offences relating to elections are registered cannot vote. This is the most important and exciting of all days.

However in this respect, they should follow the example of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Also it may be necessary to consult the people as a routine measure, after intervals, fixed by the statue.

Various political parties participate in the election by proposing the names of their nominees. In the State Assemblies the Congressmen numbered roughly Indira Gandhi did in But this battle is fought in a peaceful way.

Each party uses every argument and influence to convince the electorate that it alone is right and can deliver the goods. Indira Gandhi then led the party to election victory. But this sytem is not followed in India.

If we do not use our votes, there is always a possibility that our vote is misused by some means. In the s, the Congress party splintered. The electoral process is still followed while staging elections in the country so that the government at the Center can be established and can function to run the country.

A prominent and eye-catching feature of election propaganda is by flaunting posters on houses and banners across the streets as also hoardings with flags and slogans and symbols of the candidates and wall graphics. To maximize the participation of voters, polling stations are set up in public institutions within 2 kms of every voter.

The parliamentary system holds elections for the composition of the government. Narendra Modi who is also the present Chief Minister of Gujarat. So, election in a democratic country like India is of utmost importance.Here is your essay on Indian General Election !

India gained its independence and a democratic status in and the general elections coming ahead in will mark 67 years of its status.

The minds behind the thought of India as a sovereign nation were excellent and had no personal motives while participating [ ].

India is a democratic country where voters are the electors. On the day of general election, these voters have to go to their respective polling stations to cast their votes. The Election Commission of India is an autonomous entity prescribed in the Constitution of India.

Elections in India

It is the federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes of India and ensuring they are free and fair. ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Election Process in India! Universal Adult Franchise: The Constitution of India gives every adult (18 years or above of age) the right to chose representatives through the exercise of his right to vote.

There are no conditions attached to this right. Under British rule too, there was some form of representative government.

The Herald of change: As India prepares for the general election, there is a growing sense of a need for a new kind of politics.

The BJP presents itself as a bold development-driven alternative to the neo-socialism of Congress, with no clue about Third alternative manifesto and the newly formed AAP’s anti-establishment ethos resonates with. The election was the longest and the most expensive general election in the history of the country, with the Election Commission of India estimating that the election did cost the exchequer ₹ crore (US$ million), excluding the expenses incurred for security and by the individual political parties.

General election in india essay
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