High court and australian legal system essay

An Introduction to Australian Court Hierarchy

The constitution instituted the high court and the original court that consisted of three was protracted to seven and has been the same way since then. Also the judges may use their judicial offices to support some politically expedient causes like passing some laws to gain some political interests.

Another aspect of judicial activism is the substance or democratic process whereby the main concern is the level to which judicial activism make substantive policy instead of acting to preserve the existing political process.

Judicial Activism in Australia Courts Essay Sample The dangers of judicial activism in Australia far outweigh its advantages because of several reasons. It can order an inquest so as to establish the cause of death or fire in any situation.

Judicial Activism in Australia Courts Essay Sample

Here judicial activism act by the judiciary could be an advantage to the whole country of Australia. Typically, the Court hears less serious matters within the federal jurisdiction including family law and administrative law.

International legal cooperation and treaties Australia seeks to promote international cooperation in the legal sector. Other revenue comes from interest earnings, contributions and fees. Funding is provided by the federal government and state and territory governments.

It also covers specialized areas such as cases relating to the Hague Convention on International Child Abductions which came into force in Australia in December and the international relocation of children by parents or guardians. However, there are arguments that the judges should have limited authority in affecting the constitutional direction of that country because they are not directly elected by the public hence should not spearhead policy and constitutional direction.

The Australia Legal System

This has come with the results of the High court of Australia passing the Act which legalized homosexual marriage in Children are dealt with separately from adults because issues of culpability and any penalties administered must take account of their age.

It is absolutely separate from the executive branch and the legislature so as to check the concentration of government power. The judicial precedent as a form of legislation is prone to abuse by any group of judges with some minority interests.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Another reason is that the judicial activism can be used by the bench to frustrate the efforts of parliament and the government in addressing an issue of public policy.

And the major historical sources of law in Australia are the common law, the law of equity, statute based law and the law concerning native title. For example, if there is a problem on the election outcomes and there are standoffs as to the clear winner as in the case of a tie on the votes tallied.The Australian Legal System The Australian Legal System has a rich and detailed history dating from Law is made in Parliament.

We have four sources of law and three courts with different jurisdictions that interpret the law when giving out justice. Essays; The Australia Legal System; The Australia Legal System. 9 September The Australia judiciary includes the High Court, the Federal Court, and the Family Court, and courts of the six states and two territories.

The courts The High Court is the superior court in Australia. It has a Chief Justice and six other judges who can.

High Court and Australian Legal System. Essay by Shawty19, High School, 10th grade, A+, January download word file, 8 pages download word file, 5/5(1). Published: Tue, 19 Dec The Mabo cases are some of the most well known cases in the Australian legal system, this paper will focus on the Mabo v.

Queensland, a case that was litigated over for almost a decade in the Australian high court, this case was a monumental step for indigenous people in Australia. Business Law Midsem Revision Chapters Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Australian Legal System Common Law - When an issue goes to court and there is no statute that covers it, a judge will hear the case and issue a verdict.

The High Court of Australia

MODEL ESSAY mint-body.com It will no doubt be in the format of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. If you keep a record of all your references as you go along, you The High Court’s constitutional interpretative method in the Engineer’s Case 3.

High court and australian legal system essay
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