How to write a report on sports day

It seemed that students were thoroughly enjoying themselves. After this exciting start the various events lined up for the day quickly progressed. I do love to watch it all but; I never feel the urge to participate. A Nagarjuna and Mr. He had a muscular body. Arun was considered the best athlete of the school.

The games and Sports last for about two hours and then comes the most interesting moment of the function - the moment of appreciating the winners by awarding them gifts and prizes, cups and shields.

After a fortnight of being over busy with the preparations for the Sports Day, at last the day arrives. He was garlanded at the gate and given a bouquet of flowers as a token of official welcome.

Ample seating arrangement and a tent was erected on the vast sporting grounds of the campus. The lawns are so very meticulously done up, white chalk powder lines are installed for different events.

I love to see my friends and others participating with their hearts and souls with a complete involvement in the games. I, was incharge of the whole show. The day was scheduled to begin at 7: The races, throws, jumps and the various items followed one by one.

A month prior to the event, all the children of the school were divided into four houses and respective sports groups such as senior, junior and sub-junior. It was the weight-lifting. Every school celebrates its Sports Day and, to this all, the children very longingly look forward to.

The hurdle race was also enjoyable. It was won by our P.

Write a Short Essay on Your School Annual Sports Day

We are full of joy on that day. In this respect games and sports play a significant role. I, received his prize a little-doll. Then came the items for strong and healthy boys-the shot-put, the discus throw, and the javelin throw.

There was a rush around the food stall at all times making it difficult to see the food much less be able to purchase any. The collective heart beats of hundreds could be heard. He was solemnly welcomed at the gate by a group of Wangala dancers Garo dancers and by the school authorities. I knew I was going to make it in the top 2, but I did not know that I was going to win!

My school the St. These items were also very interesting. The 10th January was our sports day this year. Teams designed flags for their teams too.

The determined faces of the students were visible as they mustered all their might to throw a 4. Whether it was part of the music band, or the timer of the races or the magistrates.Oct 11,  · The first annual sports meet was in full action.

Racers were sprinting on the tracks with such speed it was almost possible to hear the zoom as they went past you. Spectators on the side of the long jump sand pit hushed as one of their class mates darted past them only to jump a few feet into the sand.

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How to Write a Report on Sports

The annual school sports day is celebrated in our school with great preparations. This day gives us a great pleasure. Write a Short Essay on Your School Annual Sports Day. Article shared by.

Report Spelling and Grammatical Errors; Suggest Us; Powered by WordPress. Designed by. How To Write A Sports Report In 4 Steps by Freelance Writing News writing style is just as important for sports reporting as it is for general news, business stories or any other journalistic work.

Aug 19,  · How to Write a Sports Report. Three Parts: Before you start writing Writing the report Finishing off Community Q&A. A sports report tells the reader what has happened in a game or match, including the highlights and anything controversial or groundbreaking that may have occurred%(71).

The chief event of the concluding function was the group dances performed by the different houses and the prize distribution by the chief guest.

The last item of the eventful day was the de-hoisting of the sports flag by the chief guest, signalling the official closing of the school’s Annual Sports Day for the year.

How to write a report on sports day
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