How to write a tall tale speech contest

This is especially true for any content that describes actions that can be illustrated by humorous gestures, such as: Your local library may have books of tall tales to use as examples, as well, but remember that your tale must be original! Not only do stories keep your audience glued to your message, but the process of creating stories takes time, patience and diligence.

Humor and props may be used to support or illustrate the speech. In the best tall tales these characters are also, for the most part, ordinary people with which the audience can easily identify. First, set up a joke.

Even though you might not use a fictional story when presenting your latest architecture design, you will find that your experience in the Tall Tales competition would help you present the details of your architecture design work to your clients and firm, for example.

They are distinctly different. This porridge is too hot. A larger-than-life, or superhuman, main character with a specific job. Then, have the audience guess whether the story is true or a tall tale.

Videotape yourself telling the story. If you do want to keep adult humor in your tale—and there are times when this works—just remember: To add an extra punch, tell the participants that they may describe a true event if they wish.

That Can’t Be True – Writing a Tall Tales Speech

Strive for innocent phrasing. After five minutes, the audience begins to lose track of the details or becomes overwhelmed by too many of them.

It worked well for us.

How to Tell Tall Tales

By the age of five, we found it easy to make a claim like, "I can kick a ball all the way to Kentucky! In the end, all 35, people in our club wrote tall tales.

Any naughty references will be funnier if you tell them in the chastest manner possible. With this judicious combination of various details you can really set up your audience to laugh.

Then try to come up with preposterous solutions to these problems.

For example, a story about an ordinary person walking into a cave and encountering a bat as big as a bear cub can be hilarious. That changed when our club came up with a number of creative ideas.

Second, reinforce the setup. Stories are about journeys. For example, one member had a story about how dozens of fabulous men wanted to date her.

Use ordinary problems, such as being stuck in traffic, spilling coffee on your suit, having no time to do the dishes, and so on. Third, earn the payoff with a punch line that smashes the pattern.The announcement was made in July: "This year, instead of a humorous speech contest, District 27 will hold its first Tall Tales contest." Everyone in the room responded with an, "Oh!" and I think we may have achieved a record for the variety of ways to say that word.

Supplies for conducting a Tall Tales Contest. Contains enough materials for five contestants and ten judges. Tall Tales Contest The speech must be of a highly exaggerated, improbable nature and have a theme or plot. Humor and props may be used to support or illustrate the speech.

C. Your speech must be substantially original, and any quoted material must be so identified during the speech. D. You should also be familiar with the Tall Tales Speech contest rules.

3. Complete the Certificate of Eligibility and Originality and the Biographical Data sheet before you arrive at the contest. Sep 19,  · Basic Rules of the Tall Tales Speech Contest. 1- Time is minutes, plus or minus 30 seconeds.

So you really have to whittle down your story to the most important points. 2 – Must be an original story with original content.

Best to use something that happened to you so you’re not suspected of copying an existing story. Tall Tales Speech Contest Script Toastmaster: We will now begin the Tall Tales Speech Contest. I would like to read the purpose of the contest as defined by Toastmasters.

How to write a tall tale speech contest
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