Lisa andersson kth master thesis

The three experiments involved the Music Puzzle game, the appreciation of harmony, and tempo perception. To illuminate the quantitative findings, we performed a content analysis of structured spoken interviews with the participants.

Formulations and Algorithms, February This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Springer LNCS pp. The label SC was further split into LRs listener responses, e.

The main aim of this research work is to improve upon existing methodologies by taking a synthesis approach. Self-voice identification in children with phonological impairment. Instead, most signing avatar projects use costly instrumented gloves, which require long calibration procedures.

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We evaluate a new filterbank structure, yielding the harmonic structure cepstral coefficients HSCCson a mismatched- session closed-set speaker classification task. Results showed that mean recall across emotions was around 2.

With that in mind, we evaluate an automatic measure of lisa andersson kth master thesis envelope change, Mel-spectral flux MSFand show that its performance is at least as good as that of the transcription-mediated measure. Glottal Adduction and Subglottal Pressure in Singing.

Data Mining and Visualization: Exploiting Spatial Dependence, June One of the difficulties in second language L2 learning is the weakness in discriminating between acoustic diversity within an L2 phoneme category and between different categories.

The approach relies on linguistic, visual and timing features extracted from the subtitles themselves and does not require access to the audiovisual material -- although speaker diarization can be exploited when audio data is available.

To avoid the influence of supervised statistical modelling, an unsupervised isolated word classification task is used for the comparison. We propose a semi-automatic method to regenerate simplified vocal tract geometries from very detailed input e.

Audience response system-based assessment for analysis-by-synthesis. Prototyping "The Throat v3" for the Elephant Man opera. Introduction to management science weith spreadsheets. The first purpose of this study was to investigate correlations between noise level and both voice level and voice average fundamental frequency F0 for a population of preschool teachers in their normal workplace.

Cognitive, physical and developmental bases of distinctive speech categories. Accounting, Organizations and Society, 30 2Yeung, A.

When excessive cost savings measurement drowns the objectives. Modeling MSF is likely to improve turn uptake in dialogue systems, and to benefit other applications needing an estimate of durational variability in speech.

Journal of Voice, 29 2 Using this method, it was noted that the estimated articulatory trajectories using the acoustic-to-articulatory inversion methods were still not accurate enough to be within the perceptual tolerance of audio-visual asynchrony. Essays in Financial Engineering, September The result from the calculations of the total cost of purchasing was difficult to relate to since the total purchasing price differed among the suppliers.

In Proceedings of SigDial. The main finding is that tonal speakers exhibit a narrower pitch range. An acoustic analysis of lion roars. An analysis of interactionaries with engineering students. Logopedics Phoniatrics Vocology, 41 1 Convergent approaches from phonetics, psychology, and computer sciences.

Flow glottogram characteristics and perceived degree of phonatory pressedness. Robust online motion capture labeling of finger markers.

This paper proposes a fundamental frequency tracker, with the specific purpose of comparing the automatic estimates with pitch contours that are sketched by trained phoneticians. Sound systems are shaped by their users: Segmentation of speech signals is a crucial task in many types of speech analysis.Seminarier - Seminars.

(Master's thesis) 15 oktober Markus Andersson Multivariate financial time series and volatility models with applications to tactical asset allocation (Master's thesis) (Master's thesis) 26 augusti Lisa Wimmerstedt Backtesting Expected Shortfall. DiVA portal is a finding tool and an institutional repository for research publications and student theses written at 47 universities and research institutions.


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CV Mats Andersson Department of Mathematics Chalmers University of Technology & the University of Gothenburg S 96 G oteborg phone: (0)31 35 Master's thesis, CSC. [abstract] [pdf] Abstract: This master thesis is a part of a project conducted by the Centre of Speech Technology at the Department of Language, Speech and Music at the Royal Institute of Technology.

MASTER'S THESIS CIV A Model for Supplier Selection & Total Cost of Purchasing Henrik Olsson Luleå University of Technology MSc Programmes in Engineering Industrial Business Administration Department.

Lisa andersson kth master thesis
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