Mobiles boon or bane

Arguably, mobiles phones have become one of the best gifts that humanity has ever received in the twenty first century because of its numerous benefits. Uses and ill effects of mobile phones are also discussed.

Vehicles cause accidents, right? The mobile also becomes status symbol in high society. On the first part, we are discussing why mobile phone is a bane. Technology is increasing day by day.

Debate: Is Mobile Phone a Boon or Bane

In some countries mobiles are very cheap in countries like India. They help in maintaining contact with friends and family. At times there will low charge in the battery so the mobile phone gets directly switched off and the person calling the particular user will get an announcement that the mobile phone number you are calling is currently switched off try after sometime or later.

So students take it an advantage and repeat the everyday. Even some sites provide free messaging offers people keep on messaging all nonsense and write something which hurts the people, all this is dangerous and puts an evil effect on children. How much time and energy was wasted travelling around just to ask something or tell something to another person.

Mobiles play a vital role in the field of communication.

Mobile phones: A boon or a bane?

This is only available to few phones like black berry, I Phone and few other phone provide this feature and these phones are very expensive, and they cannot afforded by people of poor sector. Making calling becomes very expensive as you talk very less because it very expensive.

The mobiles have different mobiles services like airtel, vadophone, aircel, idea, hutch, touch, reliance, Tata dot com and many more different companies of mobile phones.

It is a great crime done through cell phones. Even though she removed the SIM card from the phone, which makes it not usable as a phone, I am still finding a lot of use for her old mobile phone. Mobiles phones has became so cheap that even vegetable vendor, servant maid, watch men, cleaner, driver are also maintaining cell phones.

They play a predominant role in the field of communication. Many people use cell phones to show off and not to make phone calls. Later there will be nothing in hands of neither parents nor children.

How many spammy commercial messages are sent to people without their permission? Nowadays we find children are given mobile phones at very early age this gives them a lot of privacy and make them to maintain more screechy.

Phones have many services like messaging, internet and many more and more. People have started Texting instead of talking and visiting. In this article i am going to about desire about mobile phones which play a vital role in connecting people of different parts of world followed by role of mobile phones in day to day life.

Moblie phones is boon or bane

Between these visits, they would never know what is going on there.Mobile Boon or Bane IN the present millennium, science has bestowed on us a number of innovations n one among them is - MOBILE PHONES.

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in our society. Mobile Phones Boon or Bane. Topics: Mobile phone, Rotary dial, Nokia Pages: 1 ( words) Published: July 1, Since the dawn of human civlisation man has been creating things to meet his needs. Mobile phone is one such, portable electronic device.

They are now inexpensive, easy to use, comfortable and equipped with almost every. Mobiles: Boon or Bane Essay Sample. Through cell phones we can communicate with people far away while doing the necessary work and even when travelling.

Mobile phone is a boon or bane is one of the common debate topics in schools and colleges. Here is a debate that discusses the same in detail. If you are looking for some help on a debate or speech on the topic cellphone is a bane or boon, you can.

Get an answer for 'Mobile phones: A boon or a bane?' and find homework help for other Technology and Society questions at eNotes. Moblie phones is boon or bane. Posted Date: 29 Mar | Updated: "If you are an Indian, you must have a mobile phones with you".

Mobiles: Boon or Bane Essay Sample

We all will wait for that day. Mobile phones also contribute for the development of the society and will contributing new technical mobiles and gift it to society. Mobile phones are a gift of advanced technology.

Mobiles boon or bane
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