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He sought to acquire control of the Baltic Sea, which had been taken by the Swedish Empire a half-century earlier. In he traveled "incognito" to Western Europe on an month journey with a large Russian delegation—the so-called "Grand Embassy".

These included three sons named Pavel and three sons named Peter, all of whom died in infancy. Peter also changed the calendar to the same style used in most of Europe. Sophia was eventually overthrown, with Peter I and Ivan V continuing to act as co-tsars. Peter believed he did not have enough loyal and talented persons to put in full charge of the various departments.

Power was instead exercised by his mother, Natalya Naryshkina. This position Peter the great essay when Feodor died in The taxes on land and on households were payable only by individuals who owned property or maintained families; the new head taxes, however, were payable by serfs and paupers.

Russia acquired IngriaEstoniaLivoniaand a substantial portion of Karelia. When she learned of his designs, Sophia conspired with the leaders of the Streltsy, who continually aroused disorder and dissent. He shared power with his brother frombut when Ivan died inPeter was officially declared Sovereign of all Russia.

Peter the Great as a child This arrangement was brought before the people of Moscow, as ancient tradition demanded, and was ratified. He discovered that the Swedes spent as much administering Livonia times smaller than his empire as he spent on the entire Russian bureaucracy.

Title The imperial title of Peter the Great was the following: He used a fake name, allowing him to escape social and diplomatic events, but since he was far taller than most others, he did not fool anyone of importance.

Sophia would sit behind the throne and listen as Peter conversed with nobles, while feeding him information and giving him responses to questions and problems. Peter became the sole ruler when Ivan died in Peter could not tolerate the patriarch exercising power superior to the Tsar, as indeed had happened in the case of Philaret —33 and Nikon A large hole was cut in the back of the dual-seated throne used by Ivan and Peter.

Peter the Great

In the summer of Peter organized the Azov campaigns to take the fortress, but his attempts ended in failure. Another positive thing Peter did was build a church, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, not only was it a place for the people of St.

Politically, the church was impotent. The traditional leader of the Church was the Patriarch of Moscow. Overall peter had a positive effect on Russia. In the Russian fleet won the Battle of Gangut. Peter nevertheless acted ruthlessly towards the mutineers. Peter also sought to end arranged marriages, which were the norm among the Russian nobility, because he thought such a practice was barbaric and led to domestic violence, since the partners usually resented each other.

Peter, warned by the Streltsy, escaped in the middle of the night to the impenetrable monastery of Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra ; there he slowly gathered adherents who perceived he would win the power struggle. He commanded all of his courtiers and officials to wear European clothing and cut off their long beards, causing his Boyars, who were very fond of their beards, great upset.

Peter returned to Moscow in November and began building a large navy.

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To make sure Russia had contact with the West, Peter captured the east shores of the Baltic Sea from the Swedish and built a new capital named after himself named St. Deprived of local supplies, the Swedish army was forced to halt its advance in the winter of — Sophia acted as regent during the minority of the sovereigns and exercised all power.

Most parish priests were sons of priests, were very poorly educated, and very poorly paid. In Peter investigated why the formerly Swedish province of Livonia was so orderly. While the Poles fought the Swedes, Peter founded the city of Saint Petersburg inin Ingermanland a province of the Swedish Empire that he had captured.

Jan van der Heydenthe inventor of the fire hose, received Peter, who was keen to learn and pass on his knowledge to his countrymen. Both his hands and feet were small, [8] [ citation needed ] and his shoulders were narrow for his height; likewise, his head was small for his tall body.

Although Russia had really won the war in at the battle of Poltava, Sweden continued to fight because of support from France and Britain. Several rulers feared that Peter would claim authority over them, just as the Holy Roman Emperor had claimed suzerainty over all Christian nations.

In turn, Russia paid two million Riksdaler and surrendered most of Finland. Local government, which towns were allowed to elect their own government officials. Sheremetev investigated the possibility of future joint ventures with the Knights, including action against the Turks and the possibility of a future Russian naval base.

Peter was 24 years old.Peter the Great This Essay Peter the Great and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 14, • Essay • Words (2 Pages) • Views4/4(1). Peter The Great Essay Peter the Great was the Emperor of all Russia, he reign from 2 November to 8 February Peter was a Russian hero because he raised Russia from a state of death and modernized Russia technology and army.

Peter was portrayed on BBC Radio 4 by Isaac Rouse as a boy, Will Howard as a young adult and Elliot Cowan as an adult in the radio plays Peter the Great: The Gamblers and Peter the Great: The Queen of Spades, written by Mike Walker and which were the last two plays in the first series of Tsar.

The plays were broadcast on 25 September and 2. A Study On Peter The Great. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: 4th May, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here. Czar Peter Romanov I also known as Peter "The Great" took many actions as being the absolute ruler of Russia, Peter impacted Russia positively and negatively.

Essay on Peter the Great - Peter the Great was born on June 9, However, according to the Old Style calendar he was born on May 30, He was the son of father Tsar Alexis and mother Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina.

When Peter was four years old, his father Tsar Alexis died and was succeeded by Peter’s half-brother Fydor III.

Peter the great essay
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