Population growth essay in english

Sooner or later, a shortage of resources must bring the increase to a halt. This results in low qualification and low chance of employment for children when they reach their working age. With the improvement in medical science, it has become possible for couple who are unable to conceive, to undergo fertility treatment methods and have their own babies.

During this season of distress, the discouragements to marriage, and the difficulty of rearing a family are so great that population is at a stand. The lowering in children gender Population growth essay in english is surely a matter of concern.

Increased Population Affects the Natural Resources This crisis is growing day by day and affecting completely our natural resources as more people results in more consumption of water, food, land, tree and also the fossil fuels badly impacting the environment in many ways.

It is a good sign that a section of our people especially those belonging to the middle class are gradually becoming population conscious and are taking active interest in the methods devised and recommended for population control.

You can choose any essay on the Population Growth as per your requirement: The highest UN projection has population continuing at this rate and surpassing the Malthus predicted line.

More consumption means more industry growth to cater that consumption. Many causes are behind this problem some are: Indeed overall fertility is declining in India.

Chapter 4 examines the current state of populousness of civilized nations particularly Europe. After few years when the growth rate of China started reducing and was having less young manpower, then recently they lifted this ban and allowed parents to have two children instead of one.

More industry requires more manpower. For example, he satirically criticized the notion that agricultural improvements could expand without limit: Later influence[ edit ] Malthusian ideas continue to have considerable influence. People living below poverty line BPL are not aware of the consequence of this population growth owe to their illiteracy.

Young, Malthus dropped his chapters on natural theology from the 2nd edition onwards. Second and much enlarged edition: Huxley openly criticised communist and Roman Catholic attitudes to birth controlpopulation control and overpopulation.

It will not be wrong to state that in future India will surely beat China also at least, in this context. A country can only get success when its citizens are healthy and live a happy and content life. While in developing countries, people are not well educated and have no proper idea about family planning.

Malthus has also inspired retired physics professor, Albert Allen Bartlettto lecture over 1, times on "Arithmetic, Population, and Energy", promoting sustainable living and explaining the mathematics of overpopulation.

Chapter 6 examines the rapid growth of new colonies such as the former Thirteen Colonies of the United States of America. As per latest data, population is already crossed 7.

They are also getting their child marrying at an early age without understanding its implication. The positive checks include hunger, disease and war; the preventive checks, birth control, postponement of marriage, and celibacy.

The poor are usually hungry, and there is very little money that can be spent on agricultural development. Population explosion is one of the major crises the nation is facing.

Population Growth: Essay on Population Growth

The worst situation due to growing population now can be seen in many countries where people are struggling with shortage of food, shelter, pure water and also have to breathe polluted air. In slum areas government has continuously provided some awareness programs to make understand families about the hard life they will have to face with four or five or more children.Therefore, a planned growth of our economy needs some effective check on population.

Solution. The benefits of family planning schemes initiated by the Government are being emphasized in many ways.

Nevertheless, it requires persistent propaganda work before public opinion can be fully mobilized for a planned growth of population. Essay about Understanding Population Growth “The study of human characteristics of human populations” is known as demography which helps depict the progress of nations at many levels (Know, Marston, Imort and Nash,p.

99). - Population Growth in Brazil Population growth is one of the most significant global problems currently faced by humanity. About a quarter of the world’s population suffers from malnutrition, and over 10 million people die of starvation each year.

Essay on Population Growth and Its Effects in PDF Short Essay on Population Explosion in Docx.

Essay on Population Growth and Its Effects in English

As more and more people have been migrating into the national capital over many years, Delhi has become the most density-populated city in India with 11, persons per square kilometre.

The figure was 9, in Nov 04,  · The growth of population in Africa is a key factor that lies at the root of many population-related challenges.

According to researchers, “currently, the developing world accounts for about 95% of the population growth with Africa as the world’s fastest growing continent” (Hartemink,p. 85)/5(10). Population Growth Essay POPULATION GROWTH AND THE PRESSURES IT PLACES ON EARTHS RESOURCES World population has rapidly increased in the last century and has now reached a staggering seven billion, raising alarming concern for the sustainability of our planet.

Population growth essay in english
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