The reasons why we need to stop shark culling and make the practice illegal

McPhee said some shark programmes had proven effective in their aim to reduce shark attack incidents. The current demand for fins makes it impossible to restore populations to previous levels.

Creative, astute, and generous, the improbably humble master of a sport not known for its understatement, he even managed to make appearing on Baywatch seem cool. Mary Pfaffko Jun 2, Fins are sliced off of sharks while their live bodies are tossed back into the ocean like trash.

7 reasons to ban shark finning

At this rate, the oceanic ecosystem that has evolved over millions and millions of years would collapse. Email your local MP. The most recent victim, bodyboarder Alexandre Naussance26, died on February We can increase knowledge of why and where sharks are likely to attack humans by tagging sharks and following their movements over timeor through genetic studies that can assess effective population sizes.

Email Eleven-time world surf champion Kelly Slater has always been one of the good guys.

Provided that sharks have not been fished out of certain areas it is reasonable to assume that their disappearance would be a result of the destruction of a suitable habitat. Indiscriminately culling sharks is dangerous to marine ecosystems, not to mention expensive and futile.

Not listening to the community. Only 5 people died of shark attack in this period. Similarly, spinner and dusky sharks have very low survival rates within the first few hours of being hooked, and sharks that are hooked and subsequently released do not necessarily survive. And one only need to look at Yellowstone Park, in the U.

Will killing sharks save lives?

Yet despite their importance in the marine food-chain they remain a low conservation priority. And secondly, take a flyer or pass on your email, and visit our website later today to sign our new petition. Washington, Hawaii, and the Northern Mariana Islands have already passed a similar law and Oregon and Guam are considering it.

While a certain amount of mercury in the environment is natural, growing worldwide pollution of our oceans is increasing the risk of high mercury levels in the fish we eat, particularly fish at the top of the food chain like sharks. The loss of sharks from certain areas may be an indicator of an ecosystem out of balance and in trouble.

As apex predators, they keep the entire ocean ecosystem in balanceparticularly coral reefs. But he says the effect of a hooked shark, turtle or ray might be a different story. The notion of killing more of them because they interfere with our watersports is obscene. And many have gone far in proving there are other harmless shark deterrents.

Chris Neff said earlier that this programme was the only one that could be compared to the WA shark cull because of the technical similarities.

Why Shark Culls Are a Terrible Idea

It conveniently double binds the fishing industry who benefit from the contracts given during shark culls by tying human suffering to overfishing.

Sharks have existed since before the dinosaurs and pre-date humans by hundreds of millions of years.Feb 01,  · Speech against the WA Shark Cull.

Looking at all the people here today, and thinking of the others around Australia and the world, I think the Premier should be more afraid of us than the sharks! So we need to not stop. Today volunteers from the Conservation Council are out and about in the crowd. I urge you, before you leave.

States Andersen, “If we can put a man on the moon, we certainly can determine a method to ensure sharks and humans can peacefully coexist in the shark’s domain. Programs like the Shark Spotters in South Africa prove that there are viable alternatives to shark nets.

Shark culling is best thought of as an indiscriminate method of removing sharks from our coastal ecosystems.

Shark Culling: Not The Answer

The WA and Queensland culls have led to the capture and death of many non-targeted sharks. We also know that many shark species do not cope with capture well – a recent Australian study found that % of hammerheads caught by line fishing will die of stress within an hour of capture.

Ban Shark Finning Worldwide. A recent study by the Monterey Bay Aquarium found that more than 75% of people surveyed support a shark finning ban. On the other side of the world, China’s most powerful television station, CCTV, has donated $70 million in time to air informative commercials about finning.

No Shark Cull: Why Some Surfers Don't Want to Kill Great Whites Despite Lethal Attacks by Chloe Hubbard / Apr / PM ET / Updated Apr / PM ET.

We may never know if the shark cull has made Western Australia's beaches safer.

Targeting large sharks using drum lines and no nets is a novel approach. Previous efforts in NSW, Queensland, South Africa and Hawaii only passingly inform it.

The reasons why we need to stop shark culling and make the practice illegal
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