They all just went away

Expository Writing, Joyce Carol Oates

It was startling to see how good-looking she could be, how sullen-sexy; to know how men would stare at her who would never so much as glance at a girl like me. Search About this Entry. I thought of Mrs. Oates contrasts the Weidels to her own traditional, house maintaining family, describes the general feeling in the community that Mrs.

This is how Ms. For only where there is life, can there be home". If you want to use this essay follow the citation rules below: Oates asks this question in this manner: Lives to be spoken of pityingly. Each house has a story to tell about the people and events that happen with them. The value of a home is depicted when Oats describes the livelihood of the Weidal family.

How they went wrong.

And why do this dissection on this family? Her characterization, and contrast of these spaces when viewed through the ideas of differing artists Hopper, Burchfield and what they imply serves as a strong frame through which the life of the Weidel family is viewed. Other the other hand, the Weidels household consisted of six children four sons, and two daughtersand two parents.

Weidel can do a lot to distort a functional healthy psyche from developing and can lead to aberrant response to dysfuntional situations of spousal abuse as this passage clearly demonstrates: And studying the gene expression of mutant bacteria, we can determine how regulation of genes is modulated.

How can that woman live with him? Runs in the family.

Slick Water

During one horrific night, the drunk father tried to set the house on fire while his family was sleeping.

Current incarnation located at thispublicaddress. The details used to describe the houses were almost more horrible than the details used to describe the deterioration of the Weidels --one of the families that occupied one of these abandoned houses.

Would any of us have been different? Weidel, her swollen, blackened eyes, her bruised face. Oates describes the Weidel family as "a shifting household of relatives and rumored "boarders". When is a house not a home? Why did she marry him, why did she stay with him? There is a strange and profound and unknowable reality to these abandoned houses where jealously guarded, even prized possessions have become mere trash: Oates attempting to do the same thing here?

The Weidel family is a good example of what happens when the relationships people hold to so dearly within a home are inexistent."They All Just Went Away" is an essay written by Joyce Carol Oates. In her detailed, well written, and entertaining story, she describes her childhood fascination with abandoned houses, as well as her relationship with a dysfunctional family, the Weidels (the broken-down, white-trash household), that lived in a "house", not too far from the authors own "home".

Nov 11,  · Throughout the essay "They All Just Went Away" Joyce Carol Oates defines the ingredients of a home, and what or who a home includes. Oates has many adventures playing in abandoned and prohibited houses when she was a little girl.

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Note to self: Read more Joyce Carol Oates. Response to Joyce Carol Oates' "They All Just Went Away" The Best American Essays, 3rd ed., They All Just Went Away is an essay about the relationship between house and home, and the relationship between people of.

Feb 18,  · "They All Just Went Away" by Joyce Carol Oates in "The Best American Essays of the Century" I've a weakness for essays and as usual, started this mammoth book from the back. I don't know why I found this essay so depressing but I Reading Children's Books.

They All Just Went Away, is a good piece. I like it. It discusses the inner feelings of the writer and what she thinks happens based on what she saw in actuality .

They all just went away
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