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The HB is fantastic, and I would certainly love to try the B grade for writing, too. The case is very different from all other pencils I have owned, in that it seems to be designed for the desk top — as opposed to the desk drawer for the Hi-Uni or the supply cabinet for cardboard-boxed pencils.

But perhaps, like myself, Comrades cherish such Precious Pencils and use them until they are merely tiny stubs. I do have a few qualms with this pencil.

Make a Housewarming Card Using MONO Drawing Pencils

The core is one of the best things about this pencil. Oddly our 2B and HB pencils have different logos for Tombow and for the model itself. Some papers absorb the Tombow pencil faster and it makes it a little bit harder to blend.

Nobody said your opinions of their performance were invalid or even really wrong. Stephen Of course, that last sentence was meant to read: Indeed, mine did not all line up exactly, which is a surprising put-off for precision. The comments Tombow pencil not personal, but rather trying to set the record straight as to what the product actually is.

She is meant to look rough around the edges which explains her smeared lipstick and her rotting lips. The much more likely possibility is that Tombow USA made an error when writing up the copy. Cynthia on December 20, at 8: The company has a special site with many photos to commemorate the anniversary.

Hello Gerard, Thanks for your interest in Tombow pencils and I love the fact that you use them for your work! But I was glad I did. In fact, all of our samples were considerably scratched up from travelling across the country.

I also made her stitches a little bit pink to give the illusion that she was recently sewn. The printing is both informative and tasteful. You may compare however you like, and you may have preference for an inferior pencil.

There is a low-probability chance that Tombow USA is being accurate and honest in their copy, which would suggest they are ordering the standard midrange Mono with upgraded lead, but that is pretty unlikely given the price bracket.

As part of the celebration, Tombow has issued a recreation of a vintage pencil, complete with packaging. Or is a distributor who acquired sets making an exaggerated claim?

This is certainly not a point against either pencil — or a point for it — but it was something I noticed and enjoyed noticing. Frankenstein never makes a companion for Tombow pencil creature.

The Tombow Mono is a wonderful pencil, with a top-shelf finish as well as great wood and graphite under the hood. Alas, the price in other countries reflects several additional costs.

If only they had better global distribution channels! Even the case is nice. Their relationship is not an equal one. Like the Palomino BlackwingI find the marks from the Mono to be almost blue or cold in nature.

The lead for the Mono and Mono are exactly the same. It is not uncommon for US distribution arms of large Japanese companies to be completely ignorant about products.Tombow Mono Professional Drawing Pencils.

Tombow Mono Drawing Pencils are the ultimate instrument for drawing, animation and drafting. These pencils offer extra-refined, high-density graphite with break resistance, and smearproof lines.

Mono Professional pencils use the exact same lead as the Monoa professional pencil that is the gold.

The Tombow Pencil Company’s 100th Anniversary (and Pencil)

Oct 30,  · Review: Comparing Tombow’s Mono Drawing Pencils with the Newer, Mono Professional Drawing Pencils October 30, by journalingarts Tombow’s Mono Drawing Pencil is a world-class drawing and drafting pencil, which has been the gold standard among artists and animators.

Tombow's Mono Zero Erasers are the perfect technical erasers for cleaning up detailed sketches, drafting work and technical drawings. Each eraser features a pen style body which makes erasing even the smallest lines a simple task.

TOMBOW materializes the stationary in the best design to support human knowledge creation, communication and usage. TOMBOW strives for creating a new market for stationary, making free use of wisdom, courage and creativity, and materialized the offering of the merchandise of the world's highest level.

The image of the people TOMBOW. Tombow All Pencils See All. Skip to end of links $ 9. Tombow Mono Drawing Set, 6-Pencils With Eraser.

Average rating: out of 5 stars, based on 22 reviews 22 ratings $ Tombow Mono Professional Drawing Pencil Set. Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings $ 1.

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