Unusual places to hold a wedding

Garden Wedding Venues Flower gardens, topiary gardens, botanical gardens, and even sculpture gardens Unusual places to hold a wedding excellent settings for a classy wedding day.

10 Uniquely Pittsburgh Wedding Venues

Converted Building Amy Rae Photography Wedding venues are popping up all across the country in converted buildings, such as former warehouses, monasteries, factories and even airplane hangars, which can be rented out for parties. Many public spaces require you to apply for a permit ahead of time and will have some restrictions as far as bringing in rentals, sound, equipment, food and drinks.

A Carnival Wedding Eek! Yurts are a beautiful and exciting solution for an alternative wedding venue, providing the perfect space for you and your guests to enjoy your special day.

Unique Wedding Venues: The Top Non-Traditional Venue Ideas

Disneyland, Six Flags, Cedar Point, and many other amusement parks are unique wedding venues for the couple who loves feeling like a kid all over again. The bridesmaid luncheon, or tea, is a way for the bride to say thank you to her attendants for their love and support during the wedding planning process.

Whether you say your vows atop the lighthouse itself or on the rocky beaches below, this venue provides an alluring coastal backdrop that will look phenomenal in your wedding album. How about getting married in the hills of Malibu around vineyards on a hellipad?!? To help you add a little personal charm to your wedding reception, we asked expert wedding consultant Nadine L.

Followed by dinner on long tables next to the pool…we are total fans! But not every guy is the bar and strip club type. Ask for a discount: One of the most fun and creative ways to make your wedding stand out is to use a tradition from your family or religious background.

Family Frugality So, you got engaged — congratulations! With three main ceremony locations such as the Tropical Forest and Outdoor Garden and even more reception options, your entire wedding needs can be met. Bachelor Party Alternatives Bachelor parties are the traditional guys-only last hurrah before the wedding day, usually filled with debauchery and an all night drinking games.

Or you can think even bigger; 33 couples got married at the Grammys one year! Ask if you can get a discount if you pay in full when you book but make sure you get a contract with a reimbursement plan to protect yourself in the event that something goes wrong.

Theaters almost always offer refreshments during productions, including adult beverages, so most will already have a liquor license and the ability for a bar setup. Who wants a standard marquee when you can have a cool and innovative teepee instead?

LOCAL did some research and compiled a list of ten unique places to hold your wedding in the area. A Festival Wedding The idea of a festival wedding sounds ultra fun, particularly for us English girls where festivals are an ultimate summer past time!

Lighthouse Wedding Venues For those of you vying for a unique wedding venue for an intimate "I do," an enthralling lighthouse could be just the answer.

Consider Non-Traditional Venues Get creative. Keep in mind, these venues tend to have lots of permits and requirements attached, such as limited guest attendance and little-to-no decorations allowed. Talk about taking the woodland wedding theme to new heights! Weddings on the farm are limited to a few per year, adding to the specialty feel of this beautiful place.

Find Somewhere New Another one of my tactics in saving money on my own wedding was to use a newly-opened venue. In a Museum For the history and art lovers, why not get married or have your reception in a museum? Choose an unusual time of day: You can look at your state capitol, court buildings, historical houses, or even renovated hotels.

Or do you want a 5-star sprawl of gourmet delights, without regard to whether or not the location is in the center of a bustling city? You might even consider having a destination wedding to get married at a larger museum, like the Smithsonian, for example. Take advantage of built-in guest entertainment and ask if the staff can provide guided tours or open certain exhibits for people to explore during cocktail hour.

Or did you already book one of these amazing venues? Public Events Not every couple wants their wedding to be a private affair. There are even castles in the U.Bridal Shower Venues There are many exciting moments between getting engaged and walking down the aisle.

One of the most anticipated events. Feb 12,  · 15 of Chicago's most unique wedding venues. (See prices!) Options for hosting your wedding range from a private estate and a cool loft, to a gleaming vintage ballroom and a 6-story, glass-enclosed botanical mint-body.comd Location: Berkeley.

Check Out These Beautiful, Affordable Wedding Venues. by Catherine Alford Updated on Family and even aquariums can be great places to hold a wedding celebration.

Check for work discounts: Do any of your friends or family work at a local historic home? Are they a ranger at a local park? but it can also be the one thing that. 13 Amazing Alternative NYC Wedding Venues.

spaces through out make it a unique space for a wedding. 3. great outdoor garden and the ability to hold a small wedding in a beautiful raw space.

It is a challenge to make your wedding planning unique amongst all the weddings you and your friends will attend together. One of the most fun and creative ways to make your wedding stand out is to use a tradition from your family or religious background.

15 of Chicago's Most Unique Wedding Venues

LOCAL did some research and compiled a list of ten unique places to hold your wedding in the area. From the ever-trendy barn to a classy and elegant museum- this compilation of unique locales has something for everyone.

Unusual places to hold a wedding
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