Write a sentence with vocabulary words

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For a helpful example, view these Possible Sentences: A thick, juicy cheeseburger, a tall glass of milk, a salad okay, your parents made you eat that partand a hunk of watermelon for dessert. My stick figures are truly pathetic. If their best guess definition missed the mark, they are to draw a line through it.

The next steps of the assignment we work through as a class. Vocabulary Cornell Notes Chapter 6. I again congratulate the students on their ability to see and understand this format.

Sometimes the news media can be very manipulative; for example, Try filling in this passage from page of Oh, Yuck! This is an opportunity to have some fun discussions about new words and how we can connect them to things we know about. There is at least one student in each of my classes who says that it looks like Cornell Notes because of the heading, essential question, and summary; however, it is different because there is an extra column on the right.

They need to keep this sheet with them until tomorrow when they will read chapter 6. Leave the first paragraph intact to provide a foundation for the paragraphs that are incomplete. I let them know that as we go through our discussion, the left-hand column is there for them to jot down any questions they have about the word.

The first step is for student to read the passages, write "my best guess definition" and underline any clues in the passage that led them to their best guess. We go through all of this words in this manner. After I hand out the form to the students, I will ask them if it looks familiar.

Acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words and phrases; gather vocabulary knowledge when considering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.

I let the students know that we are going to create class definitions for these words. This can be done before or during the reading of the text. I caution them against scribbling it out their best guess. Once we determine what the word means, they will write the class definition under their best guess definition and then make a comparison.Actually, both meanings of sentence — words and punishment — are linked, coming from the Latin sententia, meaning "thought or judgment," derived from the verb sentire, "to feel or perceive." If you put some words before a period, you.

Cut out the words and rearrange them to build a sentence. These printable worksheets help teach basic reading and writing skills to Kindergarten and 1st graders. Building Sentences (Basic) This is a blank template for a three-word build-a-sentence activity.

The teacher can write her own mixed-up sentence for students to decode. 4 Word. Learn english vocabulary words reading writing sentences with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of english vocabulary words reading writing sentences flashcards on Quizlet.

Hard vocabulary with meaning and sentence, selects from English media, shows how to use difficult words in sentence and context, also has online and offline practices. Sentence Writing Instructions Paragraph Writing Instructions; Practice writing your own sentences.

How to Use Vocabulary Words in a Sentence

Using the words above, write a paragraph below. Write a definition for each word. Write an expository paragraph using your word list. Write a synonym for each word. Write a narrative paragraph using your word list.

Using Context Clues

Write a riddle for each word on your list. Writing a Sentence with a Vocabulary Word The sheet I use for this day's activity is a play on the Cornell Note format.

After I hand out the form to the students, I .

Write a sentence with vocabulary words
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